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I began this practice with the philosophy that our lives are manifested and experienced by our deep-seated thoughts and beliefs. I believe that our minds, bodies, emotions and souls are connected.


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If we want to experience change in our lives, we must first be able to identify those thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve our life well and work on changing them.

Scientific research has shown that the power of the mind is 88% subconscious and only 12% conscious. This means the subconscious (or unconscious) mind is in charge! Long term change is most effective when we work with the subconscious mind.

My practice is rooted in mindfulness and clarity, and I am a certified Hypnotist. Hypnosis is not well understood by many and therefore it is normal and natural to be skeptical – I was too. I had been working to change things in my life with no real long-term effect. And then someone told me about hypnosis, so I tried it – even though I was afraid that I would lose control. Instead, I realized I am always in control and felt amazing after my first session. I was completely relaxed (which was something I rarely felt), and I knew what was going on around me the whole time. My hypnotist gently guided me into deeper and deeper relaxation and then began giving me suggestions to support me in creating my authentic life. Following that session, I knew that this is my life’s passion – to support others in developing deep self-knowing, clarity and confidence.

I pursued and obtained training through Neuro Masters Academy and continued my education with advanced training. I am now certified as a hypnotist, and I am also a certified Life Coach through Six Star Mentoring & Coaching I LOVE what I do because my clients tell me how renewed they feel after even one session, and as we work together longer term I can see the difference they are making in their lives!

I Focus On


The Power of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an effective intervention for individuals who want to change unhelpful behaviors by accessing their deep subconscious to reshape thoughts and beliefs. It can break patterns.


Sleep and Anxiety

Seeking support from a hypnotist can effectively manage mental health and sleep issues such as insomnia, anxiety and depression.


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Hypnosis is an effective intervention that can help individuals reshape unhelpful thoughts and behaviors to achieve positive change in their behavior, perspectives, and communication.

About Me

With: Guiding You to Your Deepest Self to Uncover Your Potential

Like most people

I’ve had ups and downs and struggled to find a place of tranquility. With the discovery of hypnosis and guidance of my teachers, I’ve been able to access that missing link in my brain to find true peace and happiness.

I believe

We all possess the ability to access our subconscious mind, and I feel fortunate to guide clients toward connection with a deeper part within themselves.

My clients trust me

Dylan Hawhee

“Megan is a highly professional consultant. We can depend on her to be transparent, smart, and committed to our success.”

Jonna Hensley

“I was hoping for some insights into a problem I was grappling with, and after the session with Megan I had a much better sense of how I wanted to solve the problem.”

Jenna Ballard

“Megan’s calm presence and guided instructions created instant calm and helped my sleep right away.”

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