I provide three major services which are Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistics Programming and Time Line therapy

My Techniques

deep state of focus and relaxation



deep state of focus and relaxation

Neuro Linguistics Programming

Neuro Linguistics Programming

Re-Mapping Your Mind

Time Line therapy

powerful emotional release technique


I will guide you into a deep state of focus and relaxation with verbal cues, repetition and imagery. When you’re under hypnosis, this intense level of concentration and focus allows you to ignore ordinary distractions and be more open to guided suggestions to make the changes to improve your life.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (Re-Mapping Your Mind)

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a set of principles and techniques aimed at enhancing self-awareness, increasing confidence building communication skills, and motivating positive social actions.

Time Line Therapy

According to Dr. Maiysha Claireborne, MD of the Mind Re-Mapping Academy, Time Line Therapy is a powerful emotional release technique that help you eliminate old negative emotions, and limiting beliefs from the past and put new empowering thoughts and beliefs in the future so that you can truly be in the driver’s seat of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and therefore results in your life.

common questions

When most people hear the word “hypnosis” they think of swinging watches and the hypnotists telling someone to bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken on command. While that kind of hypnosis does exist, it is for the sole purposes of entertainment that you would find on the stages of a Las Vegas show.

This is very different from clinical hypnosis. You are completely alert and in full control of your mind and body while in a hypnotic state. You can hear, speak, and even walk around. Your body is relaxed and comfortable. You will never be asked to disclose any secrets or do anything you do not want to do. At deep soul hypnosis it is strictly used as a healing tool.

When you are in a hypnotic state, your conscious mind has been relaxed. This allows the hypnotist to work directly with your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind holds all our “programming”, much like a computer. You can “know” in your conscious mind that you want to make a change and be determined to make that change, but if your “computer is programmed” to keep doing what you are doing, it will be nearly impossible to make lasting change unless you change the programming. That’s precisely what hypnosis will accomplish.​ When you change the subconscious programming the behavior follows.

It absolutely does. I have been working with clients virtually with excellent results. The reason hypnosis works so well virtually, and often even better than in-person sessions, is because hypnosis is an audio-based modality. You simply need to close your eyes and listen. Whether it’s done in person or over a virtual session does not matter. I have found that my clients get faster and more effective results with virtual sessions because they are relaxed at home and are able to get into a quicker and deeper hypnotic state as compared to being in an unfamiliar office and dealing with traffic and parking. 

I do not. I have found that virtual sessions offer better results and thus all my client sessions are held virtually. I no longer have access to a physical office space.

Hypnosis is a very comfortable, peaceful and pleasant feeling. Your body is extremely relaxed but your mind is aware. You will feel a sense of rejuvenation and feel refreshed after a hypnosis session in our Los Angeles office.

Absolutely not! Hypnosis is a way of giving you more control, not less. You cannot be hypnotized unwillingly, and you cannot be prompted to do something that is outside of your moral code or say or reveal anything you do not want to.

No, you are able to come out of hypnosis any time you wish. You can no more get “stuck” in hypnosis than you can get “stuck” awake or “stuck” asleep. … For practical reasons, as hypnotists, we do explicitly end our clients’ trances, but if we didn’t the clients would naturally either return to full alertness or fall asleep.​

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover hypnosis.

The first session is the longest one at 70-90 minutes and consists of the following 4 main components:

  1. In-depth consultation to understand what specific challenges you are currently dealing with, what you feel the blocks are (if known), and what your desired outcome is from our hypnosis sessions together.​
  2. A detailed description of how hypnosis works in the human mind for your specific issue, and what you should expect to feel and experience while in hypnosis.
  3. Suggestibility Testing – In order to best create the most significant and powerful changes in mental programming, it is of the utmost importance to understand how you personally take in suggestions and information. This testing allows us to know exactly what type of hypnotic suggestions can make the most impactful positive changes in your subconscious mind.
  4. The last part of the first session is the hypnosis itself in which your subconscious programming will begin to change.

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